About Us

Specialty Engravers has 30+ years in our trade and are dedicated

to serving the Jewelry Manufacturing and Engraving Industry.

You can be sure we're always striving for the very best, commitment is the 

fuel to our success. We pledge to you the highest quality products at the best prices.

Our plan is a simple one, we want to work along side you, getting your

input to create for you something that is satisfying to you and your customers.

 So, if you're just getting started or been engraving for years, please your

customer, contact us we'd be happy to discuss anything regarding you project.

Maybe you need a custom font or template that we don't currently offer?

Not a problem, we can create a new one to your specs.

We'll go through each step with you until your project is exactly

what you're looking for. We can work from a sample, images,  

a sketch, (or even a hand drawn sketch). Whatever you have will be useable. 

You're probably wondering how much this is going to cost?

Supprisingly it's very affordable. Ask for a quote, I think you'll be surprised.

Why not check us out? When you're ready let us prove it to you!