Specials Currently Available

Here's what you get.

2 complete sets of New SE Fonts that you choose from the list below. You can view the detail of each set from the tab "Fonts Selection" on the Main Menu. Each set has all the parts included and ready to go to work. First come, first served. When these 6 sets are gone the sale is over!


Cost of the 2 complete sets is $300.00 plus Priority Shipping $15.00.

1) Arial Italic (Reg Price: $185.00)

2) Colt (Reg Price: $175.00)

3) Condensed Block 5/8" (Reg Price: $165.00)

4) Double Line Century (Reg Price: $195.00)

5) Mini Gothic (Reg Price: $145.00)

6) Shelly Alegro (Reg Price: $175.00)

7) Double Line Block (Reg Price: $165.00)

8) Micro Block  (Reg Price: $145.00)


You MUST call 765-557-8128 to get this Special Order. CALL NOW, when these are gone the Special is over!


Also available is this beautiful Navy style anchor. You dictate the size and we'll cut it for you to meet those dimensions.
Cost for the Anchor is $25 plus $7.50 for Prio Shipping.

Navy Anchor

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